Bronze Business Starter Package

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The Business Starter Package is a great package, I made it because I have a passion for building business owners! Purchase here for $425

The business starter pack comes with:

  • 3 Page Website
  • A Text Based Logo
  • 250 One-Sided Matte Business Cards

Further Important Details:

Now the Business Starter Package is a great package, I made it because I have a passion for building business owners!
Logo- Created in 48hrs after initial payment of Business Starter Package. I will create 3 designs based on the information that you provide and send them to you and allow you to choose one and apply edits or choose to go in a different direction. I allow two rounds of edits so be specific. If you see any logos out there that you like send them to me so I can get a feel for your style. For the logo I will simply need the name of your Business, color scheme, and any ideas you have for it.

Business Cards- I need all of your contact info; phone all social medias, etc. I will create design and send to you to confirm after finishing the Facebook design and once you confirm the design I'll print and mailout the business cards arrive within 3 business days. I will send you tracking info.

Website- You will need to secure your domain name if you want a specific one like www. "your company name" .com. If not you will get a free one that maybe says www."your company".com/ wix . is a great company where you can secure your domain name. You can create a login there and send me the login information.

I'll also need product list in Word with prices and pictures of your products . I'll need to know what 3 pages you want, ex. Home-Shop-Contact. If you are selling products you will have to purchase the shop cart it's different prices on every sites. If you need me to help you choose the best one I can. I'll need a brief welcome statement for the front page.

You can add on back-side of business cards $10 extra, gloss for $10 extra, more incorporated into logo for $25 extra, more pages on website $45 each page. You can also add in other products to package or exchange products in package with others, call for us to customize package

That's it and if it's I need anything else I'll let you know! If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at 470.346.0432 or [email protected]

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