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We are not just a Graphic Design Company that offers eye catching creative graphics at an affordable price. Besides Graphic Design, we also offer photo sessions and video services; capturing your memorable events. Besides Graphics & Photography we offer Branding & Marketing services; walking you through strategies that will attract more customers. England Graphix specializes in premier custom designs. Our goal is capturing the vision of each client to the fullest and advertising effectively to attract potential customers for you. We can design and print ANYTHING!  If you want to brand & stand out in business you are at the right place!

Meet Porsha, CEO & Owner

England Graphix was founded by the ambitions and highly creative power house, Porsha Jackson, in 2008 after her first son England. Porsha attended The Art Institute of Atlanta for Graphic Design. She has dabbled in fashion, interior design, & photography. With 10+ years graphic design skill she’s serviced Carroll County, Douglas County, Floyd County, Atlanta and more clients around the world!

She loves business & assisting entrepreneurs and is now a Licensed Master Life Coach in Business! Porsha is also experienced in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Photography, Websites & Event Planning. She has assisted with the transition of more customized eye catching advertisements.

My Goal in servicing every single client is to attract the attention of potential

customers for them. I specialize in assisting small businesses that’s why I say


When you have placed an order through England Graphix we want that order to assist you in bringing in more revenue for your business or event. And as ambitious as we are, we are creative as well! We love to help manifest your specific vision that you have for your small business! I take great pride in pouring my heart out for each project!


The business name is from my first son England! England is now 12 years old, same age as the business! He loves learning about business! Business seems to be one of his passions! He also loves basketball and hanging with his friends like any other pre-teen! As his mother I am allowing him to pursue a career in the field of his choice and leave running his own business as an option! Either way his  his future is bright!